Wreath obsessed.

18 11 2011

My friend Kim has started a new business making wreaths and hair accessories. I am totally obsessed with her wreaths (and would be the hair bows if I had girls).  You;ll see one on my front door as soon as I have time to pick out the colors. Check out her etsy shop and buy something fun.  Her prices are so low that I sort of feel like I’m stealing from her but I think she really enjoys doing it.

If you do order from the site, make sure to enter the code 0SHIPPING (that’s the number zero) at checkout and you can either pick it up at her house or she can bring it to you.  That will be a standing coupon code for Charlotte friends so use it any time and share it with any friends in Charlotte you might refer.

Also, you can use the coupon code 1STTIMER for a 15% discount on your entire purchase from the site now through Cyber Monday.  If you order something that is custom-made, remember that she’ll need a little extra time to make it.  Anything ordered by Cyber Monday will certainly be ready well before Christmas though.




One response

22 11 2011

what is the name of her etsy shop? or even better, the link:-)

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