What do we wear?

24 10 2011

This is random, i know.

One thing I’m often asked is to help pick out wardrobes for family photo shoots.  I love getting the chance to do that because it’s just one of those things that makes me tick.  I’ve been meaning to write a post on the subject for the past few years, in order to offer DIY tips and just never got around to it, but I stumbled upon this while visiting a favorite blog last night. She titled her post “What do we wear?” as well so now I don’t have to write one…just read hers. She makes the same point I stress…coordinate, don’t match.  And be open to inspiration. We used the colors from the maps we made our airplanes from to inform our wardrobe decisions for this shoot.  We may or may not have included too many colors…but if you know me, that’s a great expression of freedom.


I thought summer was over…

7 10 2011

…I’ve pulled out the fall pillows, put away my shorts and taken faded swimsuits to goodwill.

But these two are scheming to extend the season.

They decided to get all their stuffed animals ready for one last hurrah at the pool.

They found the pool bin and got them decked out with goggles, towels, and yes…sunblock too.  Count them…one, two, three, four, five, six containers…completely emptied.

It was too cute to get mad. What a mess to clean up but the playroom smells really good now.