A redirection.

20 02 2011

Sadly I’m not a reader but when I do read I often find freedom through the articulation of others. I’m reading  A Praying Life by Paul Miller right now and I’m grateful for the redirection and freedom this short passage has given me:

The quest for a contemplative life can actually be self-absorbed, focused on my quiet and me. If we love people and have the power to help, then we are going to be busy. Learning to pray doesn’t offer us a less busy life; it offers us a less busy heart. In the midst of outer busyness we can develop an inner quiet. Because we are less hectic on the inside, we have a greater capacity to love . . . and thus to be busy, which in turn drives us even more into a life of prayer. By spending time with our Father in prayer, we integrate our lives with his, with what he is doing in us. Our lives become more coherent. They feel calmer, more ordered, even in the midst of confusion and pressure.


Eating my thoughts.

10 02 2011

I tasted them. I’ve been chewing on them for days. I hope to swallow them soon so I can be nourished.

If I had more time these would be my next two blog titles.

Transparency is not the same as vulnerability


Healing stillness


I am grateful for good friends, good counsel and the good insight they offer.


What a coincidence…

9 02 2011

iPhone 4 is now available on Verizon…and my birthday is Friday.


This, that and the other.

3 02 2011

I’ll never be able to catch up with all that I’ve missed in the past 2 months but I do want to make a list for the sake of documentation.

In December we had 47 Christmas parties (maybe more), I had all my wisdom teeth out, Joe had a vasectomy (maybe I’m not supposed to say that on the blog), Dexter got ear tubes and Bradley started experiencing difficulty hearing. If we had any time or money left for surgeries we could have fit him in as well, because we’ve learned that he needs to have his adenoids out, get ear tubes, and have a foreign object removed from his left ear…which brings me to another point. They say the funniest things and I’ve got to start writing them down so I don’t forget.

Whatever is in Bradley’s ear (it will be removed on February 17th) looks like a tiny Life Saver but when we told him he heard “Light SaBer.”  When I asked him how it got there he said, “It must be one of my Lego light sabers from my star wars kit, but I don’t know who put it there”

We typically have really bad mornings (unless Joe is home). One morning during a Mommy melt-down Bradley concluded that it’s all my fault we have bad mornings because I don’t pray before they wake up.  It’s a likely reason and a logical conclusion but, he followed it with “you only pray in the car and at bedtime. It’s not enough.”

I had an email blooper when doing a birth announcement for a new client last month. She sent me a Bible verse she wanted included on the card…it was a verse I adored and I quickly responded with a brief “LOVE the verse!” I either had a typo or an unfortunate auto-correct, because her response was, “I’d really actually like to use the verse because it’s important to our family.  The email she received from me simply said, “LOSE the verse!”

Joe calls me “Princess” and sometimes Bennett calls me that when he’s trying to butter me up. So last Friday on the way home from Bradley’s swimming lesson he piped up from a rarely silent back seat and said, “Princess, where’s your crown?” I told him it was under my sink. He said, “canna see it?” I said, “when we get home.” Of course I forgot but that night he remembered and while I was showing it to him, Bradley walked in and nearly passed out.  He went crazy over the crown and all my rhinestone jewelry (obviously I don’t wear it because they had never seen it) and he said, “Mommy I know these are your treasures and I will never tell anyone they are secretly hidden here…especially a robber.”

One afternoon a week I try to get a sitter for a few hours so I can go to a coffee shop or cafe to get some design work done.  A few weeks ago Bradley finally asked me where I was going and I said, “I’m going to work at Panera.” He said, “Oh, I didn’t know you were a food worker.”

I may be coming down with a little something so my voice sounds sort of raspy. Today on our way to school, we had just finished singing “This is the Day”, as is our morning ritual, when Bradley said, “let’ sing it again, but Mommy, before we start do this…(he cleared his throat), it will make you sing better.”  He thought that if I would cough my voice would come back.

For the past year Bradley has loved eating “cheese David” for special weekend breakfasts.  Recently he’s started calling it “cheese vainish”.  Maybe soon he’ll mix the two pronunciations and call it “cheese Danish”.

While Bennett has been in a difficult stage behavioraly, he is typically pretty polite…always saying the right thing: please, thank you, you’re welcome, no thanks.  Yesterday I said, “Bennett sweetie, you’re so polite.” He immediately responded, “No I not polite. I Bennett.” He’s also taken to calling himself Bennesweet.  We think it’s pretty cute but sometimes when he’s tired and cranky we call him Bennecrank so now he tells us he’s Bennecrank when he’s in a bad mood.

One more. My Grandfather spends most vacations with us and is a little hard of hearing, so the boys have gotten used to seeing closed captioning on the television when he’s around. A few weeks ago we were at a friend’s house and when Bradley noticed the captions he said, “why do they have the black boxes on their TV. Do they have a great-grandpa here?”

Dexter isn’t talking too much but he’s just so cute and currently obsessed with his orange crocs.  I’m so tired of them that I don’t like for him to wear them out, but they will surely become a keepsake.

You’d think I’d be better at recording memories since I have a Baby Memory book business..but guess what? I’m not!

Also, Happy Birthday Bennett. Can’t believe you’re three. And Happy Birthday Joe. I hope you’ll start to embrace aging…it’s actually really fun (I don’t have any broken parts yet so I may not be singing that tune too long).