Catching up.

26 12 2010

Life still went on in-spite of the crazy schedule I was keeping with card designs. My last post before the I dropped out of the blogosphere was about my Dad’s trip to Haiti. He returned safely and was encouraged by his time there. I will post an update about his trip soon. Here are a few pics he sent in an email while he was there. It’s hard to believe they were both taken in the same country, much less the same planet.

Bradley & Bennett are at the stage where they attend a birthday party almost every week. I have to admit I began to grow weary of picking out and wrapping birthday presents so I finally let Bradley start selecting and wrapping them. He continues to be exceptionally creative so I think we gave some really odd gifts!

The week of Thanksgiving Bradley traveled to Fort Bragg to participate in the dedication of my late Grandmother’s wedding dress to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. It will be displayed as part of a “Life on the Homefront” special exhibit.  Here is an article highlighting the event: D-Day Parachute Wedding Dress Finds New Home

That week I also hosted the boys Thanksgiving parties at school and we had a special Thanksgiving feast for the them with the Whites. Crazy chaos but so cute.

I think I made 8 gazillion cupcakes that week. They fed 54 people and my productivity idol.

My sister and her new husband Ken (who inherited the table where we’ve eaten most holiday meals in the past) hosted us for Thanksgiving. Having little ones makes the holidays so fun on many fronts but meals are not one of them. We spent the entire time there trying to keep them from disrupting the meal and destroying the house.

I started feeling like an “out to lunch” mom around that time so I tried to do some special activities to remain plugged in.  One night we made a blueberry pie (and if you know me baking anything takes special effort).  It was fun but when we ran out of vanilla ice cream they weren’t interested in eating the rest.

Christmas shopping wasn’t too overwhelming this year. We put effort toward getting fewer but more meaningful things and my sweet husband wrapped all the gifts.  He knew I wouldn’t have time so he later told me he found a gift-wrapping tutorial on youtbe.  I love it.  He did a great job and I was very impressed with his technique. The only things I wrapped were three bottles of wine for my Dad from the boys.  Not exactly a very meaningful gift…so we dressed them up (thanks to Bradley for all his help and direction).

In the last few weeks Bennett completed his potty training. It took him months but he didn’t have much help so I applaud his efforts.  Hopefully I’ll be able to help Dexter when it’s his turn. Also, The big boys finished up their semester of play school with a special Christmas program. It was so cute but when I saw them on stage I realized how badly they all need haircuts.

Over the course of the next few days I cut and trimmed as I chased them around the house with scissors.  Bennett was devastated about the outcome. He cried and cried claiming that I cut off all his “handsome”.  I wonder if that’s how Samson would have responded as a toddler.  Since then he has a ritual of soaking his head in the sink several times a day with the hopes that it will look Handsome again. He’s also going through the phase Bradley did several years ago about my hair. He wants it down all the time and if it’s in a pony tail he complains untill I take it down.  He says, “mommy I not like your hair. I want it pretty like this…” (as he run his fingers through his hair and shakes his head from side to side). It’s cute but I can’t wait for him to grow out of that stage. I’m pony-tail-wearing girl.


And after.

To finish out the month we made our annual trip to the North Pole (McAdenville) led by our Elf Pippin, had hot chocolate at the mall and enjoyed the awesome Playmobile Advent calendar that Aunt Cindy sent from Germany. Christmas is over now but the boys are still enjoying the evening ritual of egg nog (gross, gross, gross) and playing with the figurines from the calendar.

And last but not least we made the trip uptown to meet Daddy at Founders Hall to watch the singing bears perform.  I didn’t take any pictures of the bears but we did get a few of these amazing Bertoia Bird Chairs in crimson boucle.  The entire skywalk and lobby of the adjoining building was outfitted in authentic Bertioa furniture. How obvious would it be if I borrowed one? They don’t need all those chairs.

We’re spending a very white Christmas at Cold Mountain, NC. Can’t wait to post more soon.


Merry Christmas.

25 12 2010

Farewell card season.

24 12 2010

Yesterday around 2:00 my last order arrived from the printer and I spent the afternoon counting envelopes, trimming cards (that the printer messed up on the margins….again), assembling boxes and tracking a lost order that was due in NYC last Friday.  It was also my last day of ignoring crying babies who had to wait in their rooms way too long after naps and snapping at my oldest and his sweet little friend for interrupting my “work time” with displays of their latest Lego creations. It was more than a relief to place those last orders on the porch for pick-up and to say goodbye to the craziness of the Christmas card season. Last year I managed to squeeze in three blog posts during card season but this year I just couldn’t do it.  To maintain sanity, I blogged in my head at least once daily, but sadly there is no record of those thoughts.

I went back and forth about rather or not to do cards this year.  I felt like it would be in the best interest of my family to take a year or two “off” but I knew I’d still do cards for my closest friends and I was afraid if I took time off, it would be hard to come back…and truth be told, I really love creating cards. It’s crazy to think that starting in the beginning of October was actually getting a late start on things for me.  The first month and a half was spent creating the blog, rewriting and streamlining the rates, fees and policies, and working on new designs. I hate spending time on marketing, so I rely heavily on word of mouth. This year I really only wanted to accept orders from previous clients, friends, family, and their referrals. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but completing 35 orders this season actually represented about 150 hours of work over a 4 week period. If I was able to keep regular work hours it wouldn’t be outside the realm of “normal” but for me it meant spending EVERY spare moment in front of my computer and staying up way too late most nights…way too late.  I’m teetering again and wondering if it’s all worth it.  I miss out on so much of the holiday season.  I know now is the not the time to decide for next year but I do need to take the time to debrief and weigh the pros and cons of what I gain and what I forfeit.

So enough about cards…now you’re as tired of them as I am but here are some favorites.

Lawn Widow

24 12 2010

For some reason this post never made it onto the blog but it was such a significant piece of my fall that I must record it.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and my current focus on being content, I hate to complain, but…I have become a lawn widow. I get that men are inherently designed to be connected to the ground and to exercise dominion over the “earth” but my Saturdays…and Sundays have SUCKED ever since the leaves have been falling. We’ve talked about the lawn service idea and just letting the leaves wait until they all fall but those conversations end in conflict every time.

The only redemptive part is that the boys really enjoy playing in the leaf piles and it keeps them out of the laundry piles.