7 10 2010

I never posted an update on how my mornings are going. I’m quite sure that none of you stay up at night worrying about my schedule, but I did say that I’d follow-up.  Overall, I would have to say that it’s going pretty well.  I am out of bed by seven most mornings and a few times a week I’m even getting up to go for a little run around six.  This is a really big deal for me because I’ve never been one to exercise in the mornings. I can’t go as far as to say I enjoy it yet but it’s a great time for conversation (since I’m running with Lindsay), and it’s SO nice not having to worry about when to fit exercise in later in the day.  I still let the boys crawl in my bed and watch a show or two as soon as they wake up. The difference now, is that I’m downstairs getting breakfast ready and not nestled in between them sawing zs while dreaming that Curious George is in my room.  I really feel like we’re making the switch to be a happier home in the mornings, and that is worth the push. Bradley will likely start school around seven am next fall so I’m glad to get into a better routine now while I have the choice.

There’s no debate…when I get up early it’s always a better day. (that still feels uncomfortable and somewhat humiliating to admit).

And…Joe still lets me sleep in most Saturdays. I just have to be ok knowing the that something like this will probably happen.

That’s chocolate.




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