A castle for my knights

27 01 2010

One of the most difficult things for me about being a Mom is playing with my kids. I know that sounds horrible. I love being with them and watching them play with my husband and with each other. I just can’t seem to do it myself.  I go into the playroom with great intentions but I always end up pulling out the legos or just reading them a book.  Sometimes I’m envious of my friends (Lindsay) who could easily take a job with SNL or be a professional storyteller. I think what a better Mommy Keller has because she can play the role of the White Witch or pretend to be Wendy from Peter Pan. It’s not that I lack interest. I am actually terrified of pretending. As a kid, I remember running from the girls who wanted to play house or school. It was as if I was being asked to speak a foreign language.

Knight Bradley and his cardboard castle

So I can’t participate in all the imaginative play and dress up that goes on at our house and that makes me sad.  But…I had a revelation yesterday as I was thinking of a craft for us to do together.  I’m a great builder and model maker and even though I don’t want to be the princess in the castle I can make the castle.

So…Bradley & I spent all of Bennett’s nap time building this and it was SO fun. It was one of the most relaxing, and rewarding afternoons I have spent with him in a long time. Finally I am realizing that I need to figure out the things I enjoy and use those giftings to engage the boys. I’m sure we’ll still do lots of legos but I feel encouraged that I am capable of expanding my horizons when in comes to finding meaningful and fun activities.

Notice the window Bradley cut by himself...with a box cutter.

Moving on…I rarely include funny stories from the week but that was one of my hopes in starting this blog so here are a few.

On our way to preschool last Thursday everyone was quiet and happy for a change. it’s just a 5 minute drive but there is always at least one, maybe two, kids crying or screaming (or both) all the way there.  All of a sudden Bradley says, “Mommy look at this big, hard, red booger I found in my ear.” Even though I can’t believe he just said that I remind myself that this is life with boys. Of course he insists that I inspect it so he passes it forward. I take a look and as I expect it’s dry earwax.  Disgusted I pass it back and Bradley announces, “that must be why my ear has been hurting so bad.”  “Guess so,” I reply. Just then Bennett tunes in and thinks that I have given Bradley a piece of candy. He tries to steal it from him and in the struggle over the ear wax (thought to be candy) it gets dropped and both boys begin freaking out.  Bradley is devastated that he lost his ear wax and Bennett is still convinced that he is missing out on a treat.  Dexter is usually so laid back but he’ll join in if there is too much noise so he begins to wail as well. Oh the drama of the lost earwax.

Then on Saturday, we took the boys and my Grandfather out to lunch at Jason’s Deli.  On our way home Joe & I were commenting on how smoothly lunch had gone when Bradley chimes in with another announcement from the back seat (also involving boogers of course). “I have a raisin in my nose. What should I do?” I immediately assume he’s lying or mistaken. He’s been telling lots of Jokes (lies) recently so I told him that it was a funny thought but that he did not have a raisin in his nose. Joe gave him the benefit of the doubt so he said “push on one side and blow.” Bradley says “Ouch that really hurts”, so Joe says, “try the other side.” Just then a huge red Craisin came flying out of his nose along with plenty of snot to keep it fresh. We got our laughs in for the day. Why do kids put things up their noses? I had to go to the doctor to get a jelly bean out of my nose when i was little and my friend Andrea put an entire sandwich baggie up her nose. What a great story that is.

Ok, last story. Yesterday when we got home from preschool, Bradley ran to the bathroom to go number-two. I asked if he’d let me use the toilet first since I would be really quick.  His response was hilarious. “Of course Mommy. Even if you have to take a long time, womens always go first.”  Joe, you’re teaching him well.




2 responses

27 01 2010
angela conklin

Once again, I love your honesty. Oh Sarah, so many people are envious of the things that come natural to you. Keep doing what you do. The men in your life will always love you. I do too!

27 01 2010

OMG. I love the castle. Moms who can build kick arse. Check out my friend Andrea’s blog for some more constructing ideas…


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