An old friend.

22 01 2010

Nine months ago I reconnected with an old friend. Ashley & I had been out of contact for a long time. It’s not like we had a fight or anything. We had just been on different journeys and our paths took us in different directions for a while.  It wasn’t a bad thing. It was actually great for both of us but I was glad when our paths crossed again. When we reconnected we had both grown in so many ways and I believe we truly enjoy our friendship more now than ever before (just wish we lived a little closer). Anyway, one of our strongest points of connection is this deep soul place where design, art, craft and color dwell.  It’s not that we like exactly the same things or even have the same giftings but we appreciate and understand the other’s love for those things.

So anyway, she also hooked me up with my old friend craftiness.  It’s funny to think that craft is something I’ve had to put down for a while, but it is.  I’ve talked before about my desire to control by keeping an orderly house and that’s where my control idol and my creative passion run into to each other in this horrible clash.  As a child I LOVED crafts. I’m pretty sure I never played with a doll or a traditional toy (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I was constantly making things. It was part art, part science, part craft. One of my fondest memories was freezing crayon shavings in water in the freezer and then watching them melt in the sun. In high school I loved making jewelry and then in college I had plenty of opportunities to express myself since I was in design school. Sadly, since then I have shunned that part of me because it’s messy. Graphic design (btw, I finally posted a bunch of my logos on the flickr site) seemed a clean alternative to craft because it all sat neatly inside the computer. Recently though, my hands are beginning to go crazy and long to make things. By definition craft is an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

While Joe was away last week I pulled out the pliers and all the broken jewelry I had saved and got to work making some earrings. Whenever I wear necklaces they get ripped off my neck so I don’t really bother with them anymore but I’ve saved all the pieces with the hopes that I might one day restring them or make something else from them.

broken necklaces make for nice earrings

I’ve also been looking at a few creative blogs (from afar) with the hopes that I might start trying to do more craft type activities with the boys.  In the past they have either been completely disinterested or have created disasters that have been so out of control that it’s not worth it. And we’ve never ended with anything to show for all the effort. I guess the process is more important so perhaps I need to change my mindset. I guess it’s ok to reference other people’s blogs (if not someone tell me) so look at these:

Smile and Wave look at her house tour…so not me, but so cool.

Lil blue boo look at the things she has made. Most of it is too girly for me but some is really fun.

Ashley Ann Photography notice the crayon shaving craft. So close to my heart.

Joy . blog my good friend. Mother, wife, craftswoman, photographer.

So anyway. I’ve known about my order idol for a long time and I’ve started to feel guilty for not dealing with it.  Relaxing is repentance for me but I’m just not there yet. I mean, if I decide to slack on my housekeeping all I have to show for it is a messy house but perhaps if I make a bit of a mess because I’m creating things then it might seem worth it.  That will be my starting point.  I don’t know what I’ll make next but I have some ideas.




One response

23 01 2010
Courtney there anything you can not do?? These earrings are beautiful, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. I wish I had even the slightest bit of your creativity.

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