6 boys.

31 10 2009



Dexter, Coleman, Bradley, Keller, Bennett & Porter

This entry is just an excuse to post these super cute photos and to introduce some of the key players that you’ll want to be familiar with if you keep up with this blog on a regular basis.  Meet the Whites.  Lindsay is my best friend. They live in our neighborhood (actually we live in their neighborhood…they were here first) and our families are super close.


A brief history:  I go to Camp Lurecrest as a child and never leave. I am a camper until I am old enough to become a staff member.  I am a staff member until I am old enough to get married and then we are both on staff until we have a baby and then I have to quit because…well you know. Joe & I meet Jeremy at camp. Jeremy gets a girlfriend, Lindsay. She also works at camp one summer. We are the oldest female staff and we begin getting to know each other while running together.  Back in Charlotte…Jeremy and Lindsay get married. We keep running together…hours of uninterupted conversation and a passion for Jesus lay the foundation for the relationship we have today.  Really I should not be so casual about it.  It truly is amazing.

Moving on…Lindsay & Jeremy plan to have a baby. Suprise I am pregnant too. This happened 2 more times (the White plan and the Pay suprise, that is) for a total of 6 boys that you see pictured here.  Bradley & Keller are almost 4-1/2 (31 hours apart). Coleman will be 3 in January and Bennett will be 2 in January (birthdays are 2 days apart), and Dexter and Porter are 6 months (born 14 days apart).

This picture is from Porter’s Baptism 2 weeks ago.  We’ve never tried taking a picture of all of them together.  Guess why.  A video would have been better.


A catalyst for change.

30 10 2009

Exactly one month ago today I got an email with this in the subject line: “I’m getting married…may I have your address?”. Now I’m not saying that ALL weddings are not significant…they definitely are…but this wedding was MORE than significant and before I even received an invitation I got to work securing places for the boys to stay so Joe & I could attend.

13 years ago I left home for my freshman year at Columbia International University (Bible College). My first semester there was exciting because it was a new experience but it wasn’t until I met Faith, Emily, Katie & Sarah that I felt like I was in the right place.  Faith, in some ways, was our fearless leader as she had been there for a year or two before the rest of us. She was, and is, a bit of a vigilante, but she’s one of those who really understands the Gospel and the grace that we are offered as children of God. Emily was her Matron of honor this past weekend and in her blog entry “A Time to Celebrate” she perfectly captures the essence that is Faith.

Anyway, all that to say that I have done a terrible job of keeping up with my precious friends. They were all in my wedding but that was almost 11 years ago and sadly I can count on one hand the number of times we have seen each other since. I commit each time to do a better job of staying in touch but I don’t. And to make it worse, I never even send out updates or have photos posted anywhere.

There was something about this reunion that was different for me. Maybe it’s because I am different now. I think since having three boys (and no girls) I have become more cognizant that the sweet relationships I have with my girlfriends are more valuable than I ever realized. When I got home this weekend I knew that this was something I had to do. So…here’s to change. Friends, this blog’s for you!

And I promise to get to work on a flickr site so you can see pictures of our family more frequently than just the annual Christmas card.

Sarah, Emily, Katie, Sarah & Faith 97

November 1996, Faith's Birthday

Emily, Katie, Faith, & Sarah Bridesmaids Luncheon '99

May 1999, My Bridesmaids' Luncheon


March 2001, A visit at our apartment in Greensboro


May 2007, A visit in Charlotte


October 2009, Faith's Wedding - Conway, SC

One of those days.

29 10 2009

Today was one of those days.  You know, the kind when you’re woken up by crying children rather than the sun, you stub your toe on the way to the bathroom and you used the teaspoon instead of the tablespoon when measuring out your coffee the night before. I used to feel like I had a story to tell when I had a day like today but now they happen so often they’ve become old hat. Even my husband is bored hearing the same drama day in and day out. I usualy don’t even mention to anyone else that I’m having one of those days unless I feel the need to make an excuse for why my coffee is all over my shirt, why I’m carrying one of my children by his overall straps or why I let the other wear his halloween costume to the grocery store.

About a year and a half ago I had a blog-worthy “one of those days” but since I didn’t have a blog then I wrote an email.  I’ll republish it here because it is pretty funny looking back on things…particularly because now I have 3! Did I really think that was a bad day. I guess I was young and naive!

While I don’t have a Blog the last 24 hours of my life have made me consider starting one…and then made me decide I don’t have time. Sorry this is so long. You don’t have to read it but hopefully you’ll find it entertaining if you do.

5:30 pm
So last night I get an email from a college friend/bridesmaid saying that she’s flying into Charlotte in 4 hours and would like to spend the night. I tell her I’m happy to have her but that I won’t be home from Prayer Triad until 11:30 and that I have to leave the following morning at 9:25 for preschool. She’s one of those people that I would break my neck to see so I’m excited about the visit but know I’ll be up late.

11:30 pm
When I arrive home from prayer, Joe informs me that Bennett screamed the scary scream the ENTIRE 3 hours that I was gone. We finally get him to sleep, Joe goes to bed and Katie & I visit until the wee hours. I go to bed knowing I’ll have to get up at 6 in order to finish a project I had promised a client earlier that day.

5:30 am
I wake up this morning at 5:30 completely wiped out so I ask Joe to call and wake me up at 7 so I can get some sleep but still have some time to work.  7:00 comes…no phone call.  8:15 comes and I wake up in a panic.  Bennett is crying, I haven’t pumped in 9 hours, I desperately need to shower (you know for me that’s bad) and I need to pack Bradley’s lunch along with all the other normal morning activities.  I also can’t get Joe on his mobile or work number which makes me feel a little freaked out. Oh, and I’m gushing blood…who starts their period 7 weeks after giving birth?. So after draining my engorged self I pick Bennett up out of the swing (where he’s been sleeping for the last few weeks) to find that he’s drenched and smells really funky.  I move the blanket that was under him to find the swing covered in black and purple furry mold and mildew. I’m not sure how I let that happen.  I carefully remove the cover, sop up the nasty moldy liquid that had settled into the plastic part of the seat and proceed to the bathroom to give Bennett a bath in the sink. After taking a shower I go into Bradley’s room to find him completely naked with a ripped off diaper that’s dry as a bone.  This tells me that he stripped before he went to sleep the night before. Of course he had peed all over the sheets I had just washed the day before. Changing his bed is not my favorite task since it involves more laundry and constructing a complicated tent structure that he insists on having up at all times. I finish getting ready and Katie holds Bennett in order to prevent a melt down while she sits with Bradley at the breakfast table (he can’t eat alone for some reason).

9:35 am
We finally get in the car. Bradley is covered in Molasses and screaming that he wants “special water” (water with juice) not “clain water” (plain water), which I can do nothing about as the only two liquids I have in the house are water and Windex. He is being difficult when we arrive (as usual), so handing off a package to Hope and a check to Jennifer seem like monumental tasks at the moment. Katie sits in the car with Bennett while I walk Bradley in to class.

9:50 am
(Now for the smooth normal part of my day) I drop Katie back at the house, drive Bennett to Jen’s and go to counseling.  Counseling is “good” but I’m at the stage where it’s no longer fun so I lose my appetite until I walked into Bruegger’s to see that everything Bagels are HOT.  I pick up lunch for Jen & I and head to her house. When I arrive she informs me that he smiled at her all morning.  He still hasn’t smiled at me… I am convinced that he doesn’t care for me.

We leave Jen’s and realize I only have 20 minutes until I need to pick up Bradley but I must go to the store so I can make a meal for the Osborns. After pretending to play super market sweep I hit every red light on my way to Forest Hill. Fortunately I am only a few minutes late.  Most days Bradley has a temper tantrum on the way in and out of preschool and today is not a day I could risk that happening so in my state of desperation I decide that the Jelly bean laying on the ground under the table in the breezeway is the perfect bribe to get him to the car without a melt down.  (Yes I’m serious and it worked).

1:25 pm
When we get home Katie is still there (much to my surprise as she was headed to Columbia to be in a wedding).  I unload the groceries from the car and am eager to get Bradley down for his nap (a 30 minute ritual) so I can pump and start cooking.  He continues to insist that we go outside to swing so I give in since I know it will be raining when he gets up.  After 10 minutes or so we turn to walk back in and realize that we had completely closed the back door when Katie came out to join us.  I think, “no big deal I’ll just go in the front door.”…Locked. So I get in the garage to go through the laundry room…Locked.  Maybe a window would be open…all Locked…except Bradley’s room on the second floor.  I get the ladder out of the garage, carry it to the backyard and lean it against the house. I take Bennett from Katie so she can try one more window that I can’t reach (she’s a good foot and a half taller than I am).  Bradley proceeds toward the ladder with the intent to climb it. As it begins to fall on him somehow I catch it with one hand (the only super mom thing I did all day) but it still hit him pretty hard and he screamed and cried like he was really hurt (he was fine). In the meantime Bennett also starts to scream and it begins to rain. Somehow I manage to get on the roof (it’s the most athletic thing I’ve done postpartum) and feeling so relieved I go to open Bradley’s window. It opens about 3 inches and then I remember that my dad had put screws in it so Bradley couldn’t open it all the way.  So feeling screwed myself I grab the crow bar from the garage and force the downstairs bathroom window open by breaking the lock.  I’ve never been so glad to have broken something in all my life.

3:00 pm
Feeling even more eager to get Bradley down for his nap I race him up the stairs, perform the nap routine and leave him crying (also part of the routine). On my way down the stairs I look outside to see someone pulling up in the driveway.  Who could it be? It was Lisa Stewart. How wonderful. My house is the biggest disaster it’s EVER been (no exaggeration). I’ll be so proud.  We have a good visit but once she leaves  I only had 30 minutes to make dinner and Bradley and Bennett are both awake and crying.  I finally get Bradley up so I only have to hear one child crying and he decides to take off his diaper and go to the bathroom in the toilet. He does pee but then he wants to stay “skinny” (which means naked) and I just don’t have the energy to fight him.  I realize it’s a bad idea when he says “it’s spilling” and I turn to watch him pooping on the carpet.  I go to clean it up when Joe calls to ask if I would mind if he stays at work for 5 more hours. From this point on I decide that everything will just be funny so I say “sure, stay there all night”.

5:45 pm
By this time it’s pouring rain but we all make it out to the car (an hour late) to drop off the meal. Note to self: When a Paper Bag gets wet the bottom will fall out. Enough said.

6:45 pm
To finish off my wonderful day, Bradley decides that he’d like to play in the mud. Joe just aerated the yard so we have serious mud but at this point I no longer care what he does I just know I have to feed Bennett who is clearly starving to death. So… We all head upstairs to the bathroom, Bradley covered in mud, Bennett screaming the scary scream, and me about to explode, where I give Bradley a bath with one hand, pump with the other and give Bennett a bottle with my foot.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

A List: 10 reasons why I DO want to do have a blog.

28 10 2009

1. I don’t have much extra time for journaling or keeping a record of my thoughts and the significant things that go on in our life. I don’t know a better way to do it than through a blog.

2. I want to have a reason to keep a record. If I don’t blog for two weeks or two months I’ll think about it everyday and will hopefully get on the ball.

3. In the same way I wish I was a photographer so I would see life with a more artful eye, I also want to stop and realize that the mundane is sacred.

4. I feel guilty that I don’t ever do family updates or send out photos. Hopefully this will be a place for friends and family to keep up with what’s going on with us and to watch our boys grow.

5. I hope that on occasion I might write something that is meaningful or significant to someone else. If I don’t that’s ok but perhaps I will provide a few good laughs.

6. If I put my thoughts in writing maybe my mind won’t feel so cluttered and it will help me to process the experiences I have.

7. I don’t like to try things that I may not do well at….so, this will be a good learning experience for me. I don’t step out of my comfort zone very often but I am pumping my own gas these days.

8. I don’t want my blog to define who I am to those who don’t know me but hopefully it will represent some of what I think and feel and provide an outlet for me when I need to be expressive.

9. I’ve enjoyed saying that I will NEVER have a blog. It’s been a point of pride. I need to swallow that pride pill.

10. I think I’ll love having a place to go where I can look back and reflect on God’s faithfulness.

A List: 10 reasons why I don’t want to do have a blog.

27 10 2009

1. I don’t have much extra time. I don’t know yet how I’ll integrate blogging into my busy life.

2. I don’t want to be a slave to it. If I don’t blog for two weeks or two months I’m afraid I’ll think about it everyday.

3. In the same way I don’t want to be a photographer because I don’t want to see life through the lens of a camera, I also don’t want to think of life in terms of blog posts.

4. Being “out there” is not appealing to me. I’m happy not to be found on a google search.

5. I’m afraid I will unecesarily offend.  I know I will.

6. If I put my thoughts out there I will likely confuse people. I lack the ability to express myself with cohesion and articulation.

7. I don’t like to try things that I may not do well at. Actually I don’t like to try things that I may not be the best at. Already I am overwelmed by how amazing my friend Emily’s blog is and how I will NEVER be able to have one like hers.

8. I don’t want my blog to define who I am to those who don’t know me but it will. How can it not?

9. I’ve enjoyed saying that I will NEVER have a blog. It’s been a point of pride.

10. I’m not crazy about being stalked online. That’s sort of creepy. Maybe this is a bad idea.

Is this really happening.

26 10 2009

Yes I think so. I CAN NOT believe it. I have to admit that I’m sort of a hypocrite sometimes. I always encourage others to “never say never,” but you know, I say never ALL THE TIME! I will NEVER join Facebook. I will NEVER use anything other than an Apple computer. I will NEVER wear skinny jeans. I will NEVER drive a mini-van. I will NEVER play a video game. My kids will never have toy guns. My kids will NEVER eat red #5 or artificial sweetener. I will NEVER have a blog because I will NEVER have time. Ok, so I still don’t have time but I am doing this. So as I move this NEVER into the column of things I THOUGHT I’d never do I hope you’ll be gracious as I slowly come to grips with the fact that I am not as strong, brilliant, bold and in control as I would like to be. I’m not exactly sure what this series of ramblings will consist of and it may get off to a slow start but I hope that it will be life giving to me and not draining. If it turns out to be something that weighs me down I may be moving the “I will never quit” over into the other column.